X Marks The Spot…

I get distracted sometimes… I have work to do, but when I do warmup sketches on the WACOM (Thanks, Mr, Assertive!) to get started drawing actual work stuff, I sometimes will get carried away with… other things. That’s what happened when I drew the Beast of the X-men. Next thing I know, I’m changing the angle, adding all of the original X-Men, adding cover elements (since I’ve done an Uncanny X-Men cover before for someone) and I get something like this:XCrash

I even did some of that muted color shit that’s all the rage in comics nowadays, because you can do that sort of thing in the rough stage.. Stan Lee changed the color of the Hulk from Grey with Blue Jeans to Mr. Green with Purple PAnts in the Conservatory. That sort of thing isn’t allowed anymore. Hell, kids might like it or something and superheroes are for… Well, anyway, I’m getting  myself worked up for nothing, again.

If I ever got a shot at the X-Men, I would have to start at the beginning and I wouldn’t do the story that everyone else does. I ‘ll keep that to myself, though. I did like drawing them with suits on. I think it  gives an anachronistic quality to the characters. College kids usually don’t dress this way, but they might have when the X-Men were created. It also gives a private school vibe I think.


Drawing the thing was really planned, though as evidenced by my original drawing. I didn’t really want to draw Angel, because his physical abnormality is much more pronounced than the others and I was trying to make them look ‘normal’. After I drew it this way, though, I realized it would be pretty stupid to draw Professor X and all of the original X-men on a first issue cover without Warren, so I added him in and that wasn’t easy, even with the WACOM (thanks, Mr. Assertive!).

I think the sketch turned out pretty cool, though. I thought I was being sort of clever, too, making Bobby Drake (Iceman) the one without a coat and wearing a white tie to match his shirt. It’s probably not even that clever, though, but I do think it proves that I think about that sort of thing when I draw this stuff. Anyway,  I’ll have to ink and color it after I get done with all of my other stuff that I’m doing. I actually have work, so I guess I better get back to that.


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