Turtles In The Clouds


I took quite a few photos this week. For some reason a lot of them were water themed. It started last Wednesday when I had lunch with Mr. Assertive at Cheddar’s, a new restaurant here in Pensacola. It wasn’t terrible, but neither of us thought it was anything to get excited about. We did have a great waitress, though. Too bad it was her last day. Good luck in Miami, Sara! We usually eat with (at least) a third member of the party, The Comedian… I think he might’ve enjoyed it more than we did. They had lots of soups to choose from and The Comedian loves his soup.


So anyway, Mr. Assertive, who keeps track of these sorts of things, said that the Nina and the Pinta were making an unscheduled stop in Pensacola, so after we hit the comic store, we went down to the Plaza De Luna on a really gloomy day to check them out.Pinta1

They weren’t the real McCoy obviously and they were sans Santa Maria (the star of the trio), but it was still cool to see historical replicas of the ships that sailed the ocean blue, way back in 1492. There was a lady diver on the docks that we overheard while she was assessing some unspecified damage to the Nina, explaining the unscheduled stop.


Yesterday, I was taking photos of ‘industrial things’ for a project I’m working on, when I got sidetracked as I often do. I saw an assortment of waterfowl around a little pond, so I figured I’d try to get a few decent ‘nature’ photos. They weren’t cooperating. Most of the ‘good’ birds (the interesting ones) flew off, leaving a motley assortment of ducks, one of which had some sort of mohawk. Naturally he did every evasive maneuver possible to avoid having his photo taken. I did manage one or two, that I thought were okay, though, like this pair of ducks at sunset…


And, of course, the aforementioned turtles in the clouds. It’s like turtle zen or something.

Turtle 2


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