Thursday In Pensacola


I ventured into Pensacola today. Although I always say that I live in Pensacola, technically I live outside of the city limits. I think everyone who lives on this area would say the same thing, though. I never think of where I live as the suburbs… That makes it sound like Pensacola’s some kind of giant city and it definitely is not. It has that little downtown area and it looks nice, but it’s not like what I think of when I think of what a city actually looks like. If we have anything higher than a 10 story building here, I’d be surprised. Oddly enough, I think I was actually in Pensacola’s tallest building (Seville Tower). I was on the first floor, though.

This one...

This one… Not my photo, though.

But, anyway, it was a nice day to be downtown today. The weather was in the mid 60s with  EXTREMELY sunny blue skies. It wasn’t crowded at all. Even the homeless people were smiling.

I took a few pictures and on the way I back took a few more of Bayou Chico. It looks nice, but if you swam in it, you might develop some kind of diseased abscess… Or die. Maybe it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t swim in it. I don’t know anyone else who would, either. I once saw a dead and bloated french poodle floating by when I was on standing on a BAyou Chico dock. Am I scaring people away from Pensacola? The rest of Pensacola’s waters aren’t like that, I assure you, just this one little tributary (Yes, I know I’m using that word in the wrong context). Anyway, here’s a pic of Bayou Chico opening up into the bay.

BayouChicoAnd that’s it. That’s all I got. Nothing important. It was just a nice day. Thanks for reading.


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