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I haven’t posted in over a week, but I guess I’ve been busy. After sending in a few spec samples (here, here and here) to the publisher of the IN (a local periodical that’s been running for years), I was asked to do a cover. So, I was excited about that. They wanted something to do with gun control. I ended up being just more of an illustrator than anything else. I guess a few little ideas were mine, but I had fun doing it. I really wanted to do another Uncle Sam cover for them, that was (I think) a little more provocative, a little more dynamic and maybe a bit more ‘serious’, but you have to (try to) please whoever you’re doing the art for. That’s not always possible as I learned with that Freight Dogg design, but that’s another story.

The IN used my art on the cover and on the interior and it printed  even better than I thought it would for printing on newsprint. It probably had more to do with what they did with the art than what I did, but I have to think my past experiences with multichannel art helped a little.  I separated this in CMYK mode instead of the usual RGB to CMYK conversion. That way  I could control the percentages in each color instead of letting the computer do that. Computers don’t always know best. But anyway, here it is:


If you’re in Pensacola, there are a lot of places that you can pick them up from like the Publix’, Food Worlds and Winn Dixies of the world. I  haven’t read it yet; just skimmed it really, but there’s usually interesting things in the IN, so I’m hoping this is the best issue ever. For me it is. Hands down.


I also finished a few logos that i had been working on.  There was one I was pretty happy with that was for ‘Fine Line Ammo, which has some kind of serendipitous quality to it, seeing as how it involves firearms also. I did some other work for the same guy, and I think he was happy with I ended up with. He presented the sketch above for me to work towards. I did a version  that was a little more three dimensional instead of on a flat plane, but I ended up having to make some changes to it. Below is what I sort of steered him towards. The top version was essentially what he wanted, but it still didn’t look like a logo to me, so I did another.  I utilized the basic elements that he wanted while making it look more like a logo, I think. Both versions:



I had some other notable things, too. Another comic book logo was ‘finalized’ and I’m working on a pinup for a western comic. I won’t get paid much, but it’ll be another ‘published’ feather in the cap. Here’s the thumbnail I did. I just sketched it out on the WACOM (provided by Mr. Assertive). It took literally about 10 minutes to come up with the idea and sketch it out in true chicken scratch style. It’s supposed to be my ode to both those DC comics westerns and the Bernie Wrightson DC horror comics covers of the same era that always seemed to feature kids surreptitiously witnessing some kind of supernatural beasties doing something horrible to some poor shlep that  crossed their paths.



I still have some movie reviews to write and post, too. One of them got put aside because I was having internet problems a couple of weeks ago. But the really crazy thing is that I was actually cast as an extra in a movie that was filming here in Pensacola. The film is a ‘legitimate’ production, complete with a few recognizable actors. I didn’t get to participate as much as I wanted to, though, because I got injured (and quite sunburned). I did manage to get my mug in front of the camera a few times, so maybe they won’t leave me on the cutting room floor. I can’t say any more than that, though, without getting sued. But I can’t wait to review that one. My objectivity will surely be put to the test.

So, anyway… Back to work.



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