Dog Daze

I went to lunch today with Mr. Assertive at Miller’s Ale House  here in Pensacola. I got my usual (British Burger) which includes burnt fries. I’ve been there hundreds of times, ordered burnt fires each and every time and they never get that right… Okay, they got it right last week… Which means they have gotten it right in TWO consecutive orders now. That’s an official streak, right? I can only thank our waitress, the lovely and talented Marti. Does she really spell her name with an ‘i’? I don’t really know the answer to that, but I like the idea that it’s spelled that way, so I’ll go with that. In any case, I was ecstatic that I got my burnt fires. I’m always happy there anyway, whether I get my burnt fries or not, but today was extra darn special.

But the highlight of lunch had to be seeing The Mystery Machine. I know, I know. I get excited easily, but how often do you get to see a childhood cartoon come to life. It could have only have been better if Daphne had stepped out of the passenger side. Given the choice between meeting the talking dog and the redhead and… Well, it wouldn’t even be a choice for me. But anyway, there’s my highlight of the day.


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