Not in The Dark Knight Rises, but in the fact that I get home after seeing a great finish to a great series, turn on the news and have to hear about some moron in Denver  ruining not just a fun night out at the movies for people, but ruining lives. Just horrible. Condolences to the victims and their families. And I guess this will be the news of the day, with the typical news cycle of this kind of story. Eyewitness reports. Cell phone videos. The usual morbid fascination of the press with body count tallies. Eventual commentary/statements by the film’s stars on the tragedy. The motivations and background of the gunman.

The last one I completely do not care about. I don’t care why he did it. I don’t care if he was a terrorist or a psychotic fan or someone trying to impress someone or trying to make a political statement or whatever. It’s just stupid and senseless no matter what the reason. I would hope that the guy’s name isn’t even mentioned or his face ever shown on TV, but you know it will be. We’ll get the full name, too. The middle names of mass murderers and assassins are always important to the press.

And the secondary tragedy to the murders and possibly the far more reaching aspect of this is that there will be the typical knee jerk reaction to one individual doing something this stupid. I’m wondering if this doesn’t cause one of those reactions where 15 year old genre fans won’t be able to dress as Princess Leia or Legolas or Captain Jack or the Joker because of one nutbar that decides to go ultraviolent on strangers. I have long wondered why this sort of thing has not happened at these types of mass social gatherings (movies, sporting events, festivals). They’re soft targets. Large crowds. Minimum security. People in costume. And now there will be equally crazy people trying to take another little bit of freedom from people who don’t break the law. Apply this to comic conventions and you’re going to take a lot of the fun out of the event. And why? Because of one jackass.

It’s really hard to stop these sorts of things. If a crazy person.. No, immoral person chooses to engage in immoral acts. That’s not an easy thing to stop. Police, security, etc are generally there to react, not to be proactive. In recent days I’ve seen several stories where it shows when an individual wants to do something crazy, it can be really hard to stop. Take the pilot/murder suspect trying to steal a plane a few days ago as an example. People just have to be vigilant, but not paranoid. Out of the thousands of theaters and millions of moviegoers tonight, this was just one idiot that did something really stupid. Is it ironic that the moron does this at the premiere of the final film in a series that is essentially about not letting fear win out? I don’t know. But, it’s disappointing to have to hear about this sort of thing when people are out just to have good clean fun. And disappointed that I’m writing this instead of my review of the new Batman movie, but I’m just not in the mood to write one after watching the news. Maybe later.

So I’ll get off my soapbox now.


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