Anyone Attending the 2012 San Diego Comic Convention? I Have A Question…

Okay, I wasn’t able to attend this year. I submitted art for the Souvenir Book (I never make it in), but was wondering if anyone was attending and have their hands on a 2012 SDCC Souvenir Book(I never make it in)… Could you please let me know if I made it in (I never make it in)?  It’s unlikely since… well. You know. But I was hoping. Here is a detail of it:

Wait. It’s not really a detail. It’s a quasi-detail, since on the art it doesn’t exactly appear like this. The Hernandez Brothers, of course, are responsible for Love And Rockets, which was one of the ‘themes’ for the Souvenir Book this year. The 30th Anniversary of Love And Rockets, actually. I picked that instead of one of the others like The Fantastic Four Anniversary, just because I thought the majority of the entries would be of the ‘bigger’, more familiar characters. My thinking was that I had a better chance if maybe there weren’t many entries for the lesser known L&R.

Although I was aware of the comic, having read and seen interviews with the brothers, but other than maybe a few anthology comics that they participated in, I don’t think I have anything of theirs. I had to do a little research on the characters, and it seemed like an early hispanic version of Terry Moore’s Strangers In Paradise (or vise versa since L&R came first). I ended up doing one of those ‘homage’ covers. The art above (without the type), appears in the upper right corner of that. I drew them sepearte and fairly large so as to do a better job on their likenesses. I think it sort of looks like them. Sort of.

But, anyway. If you have your hands on the 2012 Souvenir Book, please let me know if I made it in. I would be very appreciative. I’ll also be EXTREMELY disappointed if I didn’t make it in the book… AGAIN (I never make it in).


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