The Clouds Parted For A While…

I had lunch with Mr. Assertive today, so of course, we ended up at Plaza De Luna (since Mr. Assertive is obsessed with one particular ship that’s docked there… Yes. THAT one). There weren’t many people there today, but that’s probably because there was heavy rainfall during the lunch hours. You wouldn’t be able to tell that from the pictures, though. There were even some sunshowers after I took these.

Usually there are a ton of ‘waterfowl’ hanging around. For some reason the usual pelicans were replaced by Blue Herons today. There were quite a few, actually, and I was much more entertained by the grudge matches over turf by the Herons than the ship itself. There were also a couple of kids, probably ages 4-5, that were doing their darnedest to catch one even if the birds were twice their size. I think the little girl’s strategy was to run as much as possible. There was a lot of running.

Even the fishermen were absent today. There’s usually a mass of them down there (along with joggers, downtown crowders, retirees and homeless people), but today there was one lone fisherwoman that I spoke to briefly (you can see her there at the end with the purple pants like the Hulk wears). She had most of the Herons’ attention.

That’s about all I’ve done today… I have lots of art to post, but for one reason or another, I can’t show any of it. I did a logo, too, for a writer currently at DC comics and I don’t know if I can show that, either. He works with a very well known (and somewhat ‘controversial’) comics artist who is doing several books for DC at the moment if that’s any kind of hint. I also have an entry for the San Diego Comic Con Souvenir Book entry that I kind of liked… Can’t show that, either…. So that’s why I haven’t posted much art, lately.

I’m also trying to make some room (art-wise) on my site, so I’ll be taking some stuff down that I posted at high res and reposting the lower res versions to save space. One thing in particular is a reworking of my old Zuda stuff. I wanted to post that for sample art purposes, but with the lettering redone. I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to lettering at the time (still don’t). We also had to put more type than we wanted to into it, since it was for Zuda (an American Idol style  contest by DC comics for webcomics). We tried to give more of an indication of where the series would go, but there was too much ‘unnatural’ dialogue that wasn’t meant to be there in the first place. I’ve also got rid of the double page spread/ 4:3 aspect ratio webcomic format and cut the pages into comic book style pages. I would still like to do this series, but it’s on hold for now. Anyway, I’ll post that until I can put up some of my new stuff, that hopefully I’ll be able to post soon. It’s frustrating to do work and not be allowed to show it to anyone.


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