It’s Late…

I wanted to post a review on Friday, but didn’t get back in time… It was a long day. I went to lunch with 3 friends of mine. One just returned home from a stint on a submarine, one’s a local comedian and Mr. Assertive. Mr. Assertive picked up the check as usual. When I make it in comics, I’ll have to pay some of the lunches back.

I also went to one of the local comic shops thinking Friday was Free Comic Book Day. It wasn’t. It’s Saturday, so I guess it is now. By the way, I did my own vector version of the logo… Can you tell which is which?

Soooo, after some running around, I later took in double bill of The Avengers and The Hunger Games. Both surprised me (I also got to see the trailer to Prometheus in 2D and 3D… I’m generally not one to say this, but the 3D was impressive). Reviews pending along with my long delayed take on the prequel to the remake of ‘The Thing’… Which was actually Just What I Thought It Was, And I Let It Off The Hook… by watching it.

More later…



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