Cthulhu Commission…

I’ve been away a while… I’ve actually missed a few of self imposed ‘blog deadlines. You know, where I post a movie review on Friday and art on Sunday… I’ll make up for that. I’m also in mourning since the Seminoles got knocked out of the NCAA basketball tournament. They had a great season, though winning the ACC  for the first time ever. Anyway, here’s one of the things I’ve been working on… I was commissioned by a fan of Lovecraft to draw his seminal creation Cthulhu on an old EC comics style cover (with slight namechange).

It’s not perfect, but nothing I ever do is. 555 is the number of Crash!… The commission-er had sent me some pictures of Lovecraft’s semi-famous giant critter, but I tried to do my own thing from the author’s description of him. This isn’t how I would have drawn him for myself, but I felt like the person paying for this might feel cheated drawing it the way I had in mind… I’ll still probably draw it the way I had in mind at some point.

Here’s the lineart for a comparison. And now, on to another one (with an ‘X’ in the title…)



2 Responses to “Cthulhu Commission…”

  1. […] since the art was drawn for a comic book page. I also figured, since I had already done a mock Tales from The Crypt cover involving H.P. Lovecraft, I already had the basic cover layout (vector even!). I only needed to […]

  2. […] if… Lovecraft had lived, and been taken up as a comic book writer by EC Comics in the mid […]

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