Valiant’s Fan Art Friday

Here’s something I did for Valiant’s ‘Fan Art Friday’ where they promised anyone who entered would have their art retweeted… It only figured that I was the ONLY ONE that WASN’T retweeted. Bastards…. As Mr. Assertive says “It’s a conspiracy…” and it IS.

But, instead of trying to lose gracefully (if there is such a thing) as I normally do, I complained about it. And guess what? I won! It’s true! The squeaky wheel gets the grease!

What did i win? I dunno… I was just entering to get retweeted (my aspirations are high, aren’t they?). Winning was never on my radar screen, what with me being me. my art being what it is and the fact that I actually won that contest over on ComicVine a few weeks ago. I couldn’t possibly win another… but I did. So, I’ve won back to back contests… One more and I qualify for a legitimate winning streak. I shudder to think about that.

Anyway, Valiant is relaunching in May… X-O Manowar comes out on the 2nd I believe. Then it’s Free Comic Book Day a couple of days later. It’ll be interesting to see if Valiant can recapture that early 90s magic when they had comics going for a gazillion dollars six months after they were released (literally… a gazillion dollars).


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