Ring In The New Year With Comedian Matt Moseley (Updated)

Today was a good day. I had lunch today with comedian Matt Moseley and  blog regular Mr. Assertive (the one above with the tan). Mr. Assertive picked up the tab. Thanks, Mr. Assertive. Later, I took probably this year’s last trip to one of the local Rave Motion Pictures Theaters (a positive visit even if I ate way too much popcorn). AND, I helped out a damsel in (minor) distress. I got a “thank you”, but don’t read into that. It was a pretty good day even if I did almost cough up a lung riding my bike up a steep hill. I enjoy that, though.

Anyway, back to Mr. Moseley. I’ve made posts before about him performing comedy here along the Gulf Coast. He performed last night at Coyote’s in Pensacola. Today,  (the 29th) he’ll be telling jokes at Shooter’s Sports Bar at 9:30 PM (at 2111 Airport Blvd in Pensacola). He’ll also be doing one last show at The Big Easy Tavern in downtown Pensacola on Friday (the 30th) starting at 9:30 PM. His humor is a little off the wall at times, but go see him, you won’t regret it. You’ll have a good night out.


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