A Solid Year

This was just my own little goal, but I wanted to see if I could post every day for a year. Sounded easy, but it’s been a little more difficult than I thought (mostly because I exceeded my memory size allotment with WordPress). I actually hit the year mark a couple of days ago. I had started  on the 26th of last year with late Christmas wishes and a Black Swan review (which I saw on Christmas last year). Time is relative, I guess, and  last December 26th feels either like a blink of an eye or an eternity ago. Or both.

I did manage to get more art up this year, but I think in 2012 I’m going to eliminate the College Football section. I may even delete those, so I can make space. When the New Year begins, I’m also going to concentrate less on making a daily blog entry. If I have a post, I’ll post it. I may even designate weekly posts or something for art or for reviews. All of this is so I can try to get more work on the comic book done. I might even curb my movie watching. Shudder.


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