2011 Collegs Football ‘Regular’ Season Ends…

We still have the Army/Navy game (always a lot of fun) next week, but for the most part, the  regular season of the 2011 College Football Season is over. The Evil One (FSU HAtin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich beat me in the regular season for the first time ever. I’ll have to overcome the deficit in the bowl games, I guess. I also got trounced in my ESPN league. Despite her proclamation that she tied the leader in our group, reigning champion (of at least 3 years running… ) lost by 5 points to her bofriend Matt. She still finished in second, so I still lost to a girl that doesn’t watch or care about the games.


Congrats to Matt Moseley, the new reigning Picks champ. You still suck. (You can check out Matt performing along the Gulf Coast in your nearest comedy club… I’ll post where he’ll appear next when I find out).

So I lost twice yesterday, even though I enjoyed the Okie State/Oklahoma game. The Cowboys didn’t score enough as far as I’m concerned. I actually think Okie State deserves to be in the title game, but they might get shafted by the media and the BCS. Okie State won their Conference title; Alabama didn’t even win their division. I don’t like the idea of the rematch. Alabama may even have one of the two best teams in the country, but what would the rematch prove? They already lost to LSU. At home. They blew it. If they were to beat the Tigers now, what would that prove really? LSU still won the SEC. It would be unfair to LSU to say that if they lose to a team they already beat (on the road) that that team deserves the National Title? I’m sorry. No, As a FSU fan, I’ve seen this play out before. After beating Danny Weurful’s Florida (in the last game of the season), #1 FSU had to play them again in the Sugar Bowl in the very next game. That should have never happened. I like the bowl games, but sometimes the system DOES NOT WORK. If ‘Bama ends up in a rematch with LSU, then this will be another failure on the part of the current system… And my second favorite college football team has always been ‘Bama.

There were some other great games yesterday. Watching Georgia completely outplay LSU for a half, but still continue to shoot themselves in the foot and miss SO many opportunities that they shot their wad by halftime was entertaining. Dropped TDs. Dropped Interceptions. Stupid penalties. they should hev been up by 4 TDs by halftime. Give it to LSU, though; they won. Congrats to the Tigers, part 1.

And Clemson woke up and decided to play like they’re capable of. Tahj Boyd finally made an impact again after taking a month off and the Fightin’ Dabos DESTROYED Beamer Ball. Congrats to the Tigers, part deux.

Aaaaand I see now (while typing this) that ‘Yes’, LSU will be playing the Crimson Tide again for the National title, so an SEC is assured. Ohhhh well… I also see that FSU will be facing Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl. That might be interesting for ‘Nole fans. There are some other TERRIBLE matchups, but I’ll talk about them later.



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