Has The Occupy Thing Died Down Now?

Okay, this is actually post that should have gone up last…. Well, the pix were taken last Wednesday (Pre-Thanksgiving), so this is ancient history now, but I went with Mr Assertive to pick up a Cajun Fried Turkey for his family and I ended up getting one myself (which accounted for one of the two turkeys I helped eat… and am still eating… last week.

So this is how (above) the Pensacola chapter of the ‘Occupy Movement’ looked like at the beginning of the month (November 4th). It was a bustling little festival atmosphere before the Mayor (and others) threatened the enforcement of the law about building structures on City Hall property.

Here it is (above) about a week after the November 18th 11PM eviction deadline. We once again drove around the encampment (if you can call it that) and were trying to read the large banner that was on display. While I was trying to get a photo of it, the smattering of protesters  noticed we were taking a photo. There were some garbled yelling directed our way. The guy in the center of the above photo broke out his megaphone )I have no idea what he was barking from his lounge chair.

Then, we were approached by one of the Occupiers (pictured above). I thought it might be a little rude to ask to take her photo, so I refrained. She offered us Occupy Lemonade and since I really wasn’t sure what that would entail, I declined for myself and Mr. Assertive. It might have been perfectly fine, for all I know, but I just don’t take Lemonade from just anyone (I am drinking ‘Simply Lemonade’… all natural… while I’m typing this so I can almost taste her lemonade… Did that sound as creepy as I think it does? Sorry…).

To describe this Occupier: quite a lovely young woman. Tall. Long blonde hair. No makeup, but still extremely attractive without it. Faded jeans. Loose, open blouse (yes, I have to describe it that way… trust me, it had a mind of its own during our conversation). Flip flops. She sounded educated. She looked like the kind of girl that would camp out in a tree for months in order to keep loggers from cutting it down. That was my impression.

She almost immediately pointed out that “Yes”, she had a job. She only came down to the Occupy Camp when she had time to.  She invited to become part of it and then offered us ‘the chance’ to come debate one or any of the mentioned issues. “Ummm. Naw. We’re jus’ takin’ pi-chures.”

Okay, neither of us said that.

She then told us what the sign said, which I think we both figured out said “Welcome To The 99%” and she verified that.We reassured her that we weren’t ‘the authorities snooping around’, but that didn’t really concern her one way or another. In any case, she launched (rapid fire) into her salvo of talking points. Health care. The border. Wall Street. The economy. She just let them fly. It was like she was reading, so I’m sure that wasn’t the first time she had said those exact words in that order. Mr Assertive engaged her a little, mostly saying he agreed with some of her points, but he didn’t agree with how they were conducting their ‘protest’. She denied any of the involvement of the protestors having drawn all over the Martin Luther King Jr. square area (that we witnessed being cleaned up by city employees and volunteers on their hands and knees). I remained neutral, knowing that the world was not going to be saved by any of us on that particular day by debating or engaging in class warfare.

The (quite lovely) Occupier struck me as someone that has recently graduated college. She had that air of having prepared a number of talking points that she would launch into at the pull of a string. I also think she was probably from a well off family (with educated parents) and probably had a BMW (purchased for her by those parents) parked somewhere nearby. That’s presumptive, I know, but that’s the impression I got. I could be wrong. She was well spoken and didn’t blather stupid (and racist) statements that I’ve seen other Occupiers make on the boob tube and the intra-nets.

One thing I learned from this is that if I’m going to be mentioning this kind of stuff on my blog I should at least be a little better in my reporting skills. I had plenty of plenty of questions, but since this was more whimsy than anything else, I didn’t engage too much. Next time… There may even be someone still down there. Who knows?


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