Week 13 Aftermath

I broke even (4-4) in the ACC this week, but.. I don’t care! FSU whoops Florida in an UGLY defensive/inept offensive game. Yes, it was offensive. Did FSU even get a hundred yards in offense?…(Checking stats)… No! No, they didn’t. Wow. 95 yards. 30 on the ground on 46 attempts. You could have the QB run the QBsneak all night and get more than that. Yeesh… And they still win by 2 TDs. They would have won by 3 TDs with a shutout if Thomas hadn’t coughed it up late for them.

I have to hand it to Greg Reid, too. FSU radio announcer Gene Deckerhoff described him as “fearless” several times during the game and I would agree. Besides being a great cover corner he returns punts that others would have called a fair catch on, he makes unexpectedly big hits (esp. for his size), he fields onside kicks and he even gets in the face of players twice his size (like he did last night when the Gator defender through down the FSU ball carrier out of bounds… It’s not often when your defensive player gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when your offense is on the field. Great game ‘Noles! It made up for losing to the Evil One this week (who went 6-2). My only hope now is the bowl season I think.

My Top 5 for the Week:


2 ‘Bama

3 Boise State

4 Stanford

5 Virginia Tech

It looks like we’re headed for an all SEC national title, but wouldn’t it be funny (at least to me) if former FSU assistant Mark Richt could somehow manage an upset over LSU in the SEC title game? Before you say  “that won’t happen”, consider Mark Richt’s Bulldogs are 2-0 against Les’ Tigers and the Bulldogs have played well winning their last 10 games. Their two losses? A high scoring 3 point loss to South Carolina (10-2)  and a loss Boise State (who I would actually like to see get a shot at the top team.. They have a loss because their kicker missed not one, but two kicks. As a Florida State fan, Boise has all of my empathy. Boise is even starting to remind me of the ‘Noles cica the 1980s ).

Anyway, not a bad year for the ‘Noles. Maybe they didn’t end up with the year their fans were hoping for (FJ got hurt), but it still featured an electric home game atmosphere (with Oklahoma paying a visit) that has been lacking in Tallahassee for close to a decade, not to mention consecutive wins over Miami and Florida. So with another great recruiting year (and they’re always great at FSU) maybe Jimbo has the ‘Noles headed in the right direction. I’m still on the Jimbo bandwagon at this point.


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