Late ACC Picks

Whoops… Forgot. Missed the BC game, even though, I predicted the Eagles would play well. Oh, well. As always the Evil One’s picks in bold.

Virginia upsets Va. Tech (Virginia seems to be having some kind of miraculous year given they just beat FSU at home for the first time ever. They’re at home for a chance to get to the ACC title game for the first time ever. Who am I to get in the way of that?)

Vanderbilt over Wake (A pretty good matchup. Vandy’s at home).

Clemson Over South Carolina (Not the same South Carolina team that started the year and Clemson is coming off  getting embarrassed. They’ll play better today).

Georgia over Ga. Tech (Georgia’s rolling and Georgia Tech once again struggles to pass and to play defense).

North Carolina over Duke (It’s Duke).

Maryland upsets NC State (UM is 4-1 vs NC State in their last 5 games).

FSU DESTROYS Florida (Florida has no offense. FSU has a pretty good defense. EJ Manuel played ‘poorly’ last week. He’ll want to play better. The entire team played poorly last week, for that matter. And for the second straight year.. NO TIM TEBOW for the Gators. Thank you, Lord.)

Go ‘Noles!


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