Thanksgiving One Day Too Early…

Strange day today… Watched Martin Scorsese’s Hugo (review pending) in the wee hours of the morning… Got very little sleep…  Ate lunch with Mr. Assertive. We made our nearly weekly trip past the Ocuppy crowd spectacle in downtown Pensacola (more on that later, too). We talked with one of the Occupy Protestors (More on that later… And she was kinda’ hot, especially so for an Occupy protestor…). Then I had Thanksgiving Part one. Ate far too much. Far, far too much. Really want to emphasize the excessiveness. I am in serious pain. I feel guilty for being a glutton. Buckets of black eyed peas… Garlic bread. Cheese toast. Garlic cheese toast. Globs of sweet corn…. Sweet Unholy Hell; the Turkey! God HELP me the turkey!!! But the real mistake was the dessert.

God, I love Carrot cake… I really do. I was actually hoping it tasted like crap. It didn’t. It was Carrot Cake Heaven. At least going down it was. After I had a few slices… no, make that large hunks of cake…Nay… Only after a few large billowing masses of supercake (that I pretty much swallowed whole) did I realize the severe sharp pains caused by the new contents of my stomach trying to rip through the inner lining. It was like my own Occupy movement (but I’m sure that will be later).

I feel like this guy, actually (WARNING: Lots of naughty words in this one, not to mention an image that will probably stay in your mind for the rest of your life).

Today I vow to never EVER eat like that again at Thanksgiving or any other time.Who the Hell am I kidding? Truth be told, tomorrow I’ll revert into Stupid Mode and will do exactly what I did today, providing that I survive tonight.

Thanks to  for posting the Monty Python clip.


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