Week 12 Shakeup

So I’m recovering from FSU losing AT HOME to a team that they’ve never lost at home to. It featured a comedy of errors by the officiating crew and a large number of missed/ blown calls (EJ Manuel being thrown to the ground 5 yards out of bounds comes to mind … and practically every Greg Reid return), some terrible decisions by FSU head coach Jimbo Fisher (IMHO), missed field goals by a FSU’s normally reliable kicker (including the game winner) and a truly bizarre/unnecessarily complicated finish to the game. Other than that, it was an enjoyable game.

I should have known that the weekend would feature a large number of upsets after Okie State went down. Every year there’s at least one weekend where there is a string of ‘hard to believe’ upsets and this fits that bill. Oregon losing to USC wasn’t shocking. I was a little surprised by Michigan’s margin of victory over Nebraska. The Huskers have never been so up and down. Oh, wait. Yes they have . Ever since Frank Solich left (You thought I was going to say tom Osborne didn’t you?). The real shocker of the day… at least for me.. was Oklahoma losing to Baylor. Just like against Texas Tech, Oklahoma came roaring back. They were even going to try a 2 pointer to win, until the yellow flag came out. Then they made the typical terrible decision to drop into some kind of zone ‘prevent’ defense which seems to NEVER prevent the other team from scoring. Which Baylor did with Thurston Howard the Third taking  his team right down the field in about 45 seconds. Lovey was so excited.

In the ACC, I said I had a feeling about BC and Notre Dame. The pathetic Eagles didn’t disappoint nearly knocking off the Irish. I also had a feeling that NC State had a shot at Clemson, but didn’t pull the trigger. NC State sure did. They put a butt whippin’ on the Fightin’ Dabos. I thought NC STate had a strong shot, but the way that one went down. Yeesh. I DID predict the thorughly ugly game that would be Miami?South Florida with the ‘Canes winning. Georgia Tech/Duke was close just like I said it would be, too… Sorry.  Just blowing my own horn here. Sorry.

So I went 4-2 to FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather Dinich went 3-3.  I think I’m within 3 picks now. I can still beat her for the third straight year, as long as she continues to be herself and pick stupidly. I know, I know. So why am I losing to her? Shut up.

The next one will be tough. FSU takes on the hated Gators, so I can at least count on the Evil One picking against the ‘Noles in that one. But we all know who’s going to win that one don’t we?… No. Not the Gators. I don’t care if it’s in Gainesville. Keep talkin’. We’ll see. Go ‘Noles!

Anyway here’s my Top 5 for the week (After not posting a Top 5 last week):


2 ‘Bama

3 Arkansas (Either won’t be here long or will throw the National Title game into chaos. CHAOS I say!)

4 Boise State (I’m still a believer. They lost to a pretty good TCU team by missing FGs. They beat Georgia. Give them a shot if two of the above teams lose.)

5 Stanford… No, Virginia Tech… No, Georgia… No, wait…. Houston? NO, no, nononononono… Okie State? No… 

We’ll figure it all out next week.


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