ACC Picks Week 12

First… Wow, Oklahoma State. You blew it. A 17 point lead. The National Title. And you haven’t even gotten to Oklahoma yet. Oh, well. Maybe you’ll have a better chance of beating OU now, with all of that National Title hype/pressure off now.

On to the ACC picks. As always, the Evil One’s picks are in bold. I already got Va. Tech over the Tar Heels.

Ga. Tech over Duke. This should not be close, but with Tech’s recent struggles it might be.

Miami over South Florida. Recent history has gone in favor of the young upstarts, but this is still Miami. If they have any pride at all, they’ll win this game. I need some ‘catch up’ games, but that’s not why I’m picking them. This will be an ugly game. lots of big hits. It’s an instate rivalry and the Bulls tend to play a little nasty and by nasty I mean dirty. As long as Harris isn’t the turnover machine he’s been in the past, Miami SHOULD win this.

Notre Dame over Boston College, but I have a funny feeling about this one. Just not funny enough to pick the Eagles.

Clemson has too much firepower for NC State, but will they be looking ahead to thier rivalry game? I don’t think it’ll matter. The Fightin’ Dabos over the Wolfpack.

And FSU in a ‘closer than it should be’ game against Virginia. Go ‘Noles!




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