Week 11 Aftermath Among Other Things

I wasted such a beautiful today…. First, I got up late. Next I succumbed to Tebowmania and watched the Broncos beat the Chiefs. Then… errands. Today didn’t suck, but I still feel like I wasted it. Anway…

The most important thing that happned yesterday: FSU once again squashed the Hurricanes. And they didn’t even play well. Harris did what I thought he would making a couple of bad throws. That’s all FSU needed.

No, not that Heather...

Next, I out-picked the Evil One (FSU Hatin’ACC blogger Heather Dinich) in ACC picks going 5-1 to her 4-2… If I had gone with my gut I’d be 6-0 this week. I’m still 4 down, though, so I have more work to do.

The biggest thing that transpired nationally, I think was Boise State dropping a home game to TCU on missed field goals. I was actually hoping they’d go undefeated again and get a shot at the national title. If you actually read this blog (a snowball’s chance in Tahiti, I know) you’ll know I’ve complained about Boise in the past. Soft schedule and all that, but Georgia changed my mind this year. The last few years they’ve opened with Oregon (PAC-10), Virginia Tech (ACC) and Georgia (SEC). That’s the PAC-10 and ACC winners and a team that may be headed to the SEC title game. And they HANDLED 2 of those 3 (Virginia Tech just ran out of time after getting shell shocked out of the gate… the ACC team BTW). They’ve sold me. I wanted to see them take on the best team in the nation and it would somewhat put to rest any debate about whether they belong or not….

And it’s too bad for Kellen Moore, also. I’ve seen Moore play. I’ve seen Luck. Moore may not be as tall or as strong or heavy or fast as Luck… But he is a better quarterback. he reminds me a lot of a former FSU QB Casey Weldon for some reason. He doesn’t make mistakes. He completes passes. He plays smart. He wins. Last night, Luck’s Stanford cardinal once again were crushed by Oregon. Last year., i thought Stanford had the better team and lost. Last night, they’re bringing in ‘wildcat’ QBs… Those NFL fans wanting to ‘Suck for Luck’ better be careful. You might get what you wish for and it might not be as good as you think it’ll be.

So, that’s my two cents this week. Now I have art stuff to do.


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