ACC Picks Week 11

Missed on Georgia Tech, but so did FSU Hatin’ ACC blogger Heather Dinich. As always the Evil One’s picks in bold.

Clemson over Wake (Wake will play hard, but Clemson will still just have ‘too many athletes.’)

NC State over BC (This might go down to the wire. BC moved the ball some on FSU. They just couldn’t score. And BC has a good D. NC State is coming off of their rivalry game. You know what? Forget what I said. I need to gain on HD and this might be my opportunity, BC over NC State.)

Notre Dame over Maryland  (I can’t see a UCONN like upset. Not this year.)

Virginia over Duke (It’s Duke.)

FSU over Miami ( I think this will be a much closer game than last year. I do think FSU will pressure Harris into making some mistakes even though he;s playing better this year. I also think EJ’s going to have a monster game, because I don’t think Miami wants to let FSU run all over them gain. Still…)

Go Noles!


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