“We’re Gonna’ Need A Bigger Boat… Okay, Maybe Not…” And. “They’ve MOVED!”

This isn’t intentionally a regular feature, but… This past Friday, I had lunch with friends and once again ended up downtown looking at two things in particular. One was the latest marine monstrosity that turned up in the Port Of Pensacola.

It was impossible to get the entire ship/crane/thing in the picture from Plaza De Luna. I don’t think I’ve ever seen (in person) any  vessel as large as the one that I saw today.

This was the Global 1200. It’s a construction vessel for both shallow and crazy-deep waters…. The stats on this thing are insane. The crane has a 1200 metric ton capacity. TWELVE HUNDRED METRIC TONS… AT ONE TIME.

So, after the Port excursion, we followed it up with another look at the Occupy Pensacola crowd… They were forced to move last week from the Martin Luther King Jr Plaza that they were… occupying. There were several of what I believe to be government employees and a few volunteers cleaning the area.

They were on their hands and knees scrubbing bricks and concrete to remove all of the graffiti.

We weren’t sure exactly where the occupiers had moved to. I knew the local news had stated that they had marched to Pensacola City Hall, but I wasn’t exactly sure where they were.  When we passed the Courthouse… Wow. They’re like Tribbles. The tents I mean. The tents are proliferating. They’re having a regular camping party don there. A little commune.

I didn’t have my camera with me again, so these were all taken with  Mr. Assertive’s Droid. He was as bewildered as I was about the tents, though. I always thought that if you were protesting, you were… I don’t know… protesting. Moving around. Holding signs and shouting things.

This, though, looks more like the outer edges of  some alternative rock festival on its final day. What’s funny is that a few blocks over, the the Gulf Coast Arts Festival is going on so there’s a virtual cornucopia of tents down there, too, although they’re a bit more uniform. I didn’t see any hammocks this week. the people all seemed to mostly be in the tents, too. Maybe, I’ll get lucky and somebody will be in a Protest Hammock next week.


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