College Football Week 9 Aftermath

Week 9 was a wash. I went 3-3. So did The Evil One, who I pick against. At least FSU won (Go ‘Noles!)…

My Top 4 remains unchanged. ‘Bama and LSU had the week off. Stanford held off USC in triple OT. Boise State didn’t play anyone… No, I’m not commenting on their schedule. They have a week off to prepare for 2-4 UNLV. And Clemson pulled a Clemson and decided not to show up for the Georgia Tech game. K-State also lost, so there’s two less unbeatens this week. Okie State steps in for the fifth spot, but  I think they may be just holding it for someone else. I think they’ll be unbeaten going into the Oklahoma game.

#1 Alabama


#3 Stanford

#4 Boise State

#5 Oklahoma State

Looking forward to ‘Bama and LSU this week, but nearly as much as I am to FSU rolling BC Go ‘Noles!.



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