So I Was Downtown, Again…

They’re still there. The Pensacola Chapter of the Envy Movement is still ‘Occupying’ ( Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Plaza)…. I have no idea what they think they’re accomplishing, though. I once again had lunch with friends and somehow wound up downtown checking out the Occupy Pensacola crowd.

There certainly were a few more tents set up than last time. I think I counted 5 last time. There might have been twice that earlier this afternoon.

They’ve got a couple of Porta-Potties now, too. That makes things official right? And that can’t be a bad thing for anyone. I’m still not getting this whole ‘Occupy’ thing, though.

It seems to be an odd mix of people. Hippies… Homeless people, apparently… Ron Paul supporters. Yeah, that’s what I said. I noticed on the Mac laptop set up by the Martin Luther King Jr. bust,  there was a Ron Paul sticker. Attached to the Mac were some rather large speakers playing some kind of political rhetoric (Ron Paul maybe?). It was so low, though, I couldn’t hear any of it. Aren’t they supposed to be upset with corporations like Mac? I digress…

They all began to wave, yell and flash peace signs once they spotted the camera.  I didn’t have my camera with me, so all of these were taken by a friend of mine, Mr. Assertive,  with his Droid.

This guy was awesome. Don’t think I’m going to make fun of him. He looks like he could kick the crap out of me. And I don’t need him coming looking for me… But he had a pen through his ear. An ink pen. Through his ear… Not ON his ear. THROUGH his ear.

Maybe I’m just behind the times.

There really wasn’t a whole lot to see, admittedly. I did enjoy seeing a hammock, though. I don’t know what part of any protest involves a hammock. I really wish we had been there when there was someone in the hammock. That would have made the entire ‘Occupy Pensacola’ movement a win in my eyes.

The Occupiers seemed to have spent an awful lot of time doing chalk drawings on the sidewalk, too.  Lots of art and weirdness. Again, I can’t complain there. Art and weirdness pretty much sums up my blog.

I don’t think anyone driving by is going to see this stuff, though. Like I said, I’m a little confused by what they think the purpose is. It just seems like they’re squatting to me.


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