I Think I was In Plaza De Luna…

Today was somewhat leisurely… After lunch (at Miller’s Ale House, even though we had agreed yesterday to eat at the Mellow Mushroom), I went downtown with a friend for two reasons. One was to see the metal monstrosity that had pulled into the Port Of Pensacola for some maintenance… And also to see the smattering of nutty protestors that were occuping a tiny section of sidewalk near the Courthouse (here in Pensacola).

We went to the Plaza De Luna first… I think. I live here (in Pensacola) and can’t tell you half of what some of these places are called  (mainly because I rarely go downtown).

There were several people fishing on the pier,  along with the normal collection of joggers and sightseers (young and old), not to mention the noisy construction workers and a few derelicts. I always enjoy seeing the seabirds that hang around to peck at anything the fishing types leave lying around and there were plenty of them hanging around today. They’re fearless. You can walk within a step of them and they won’t fly. I probably enjoyed seeing them, the fish and the jellyfish more than why we went down there for…

So I took a few photos of the Versabar 10000 (pictured above), which featured metal arches that stood upwards of 240 feet above the twin pontoon-like barges that it stood on. It was an impressive construction that I’m told was used in salvaging damaged oil rigs. It looked like monkey bars designed by some sadistic architect that hates kids. “The little brats’ll fall off of these, for sure! Mwooohahahahahhhh!

I also took some pictures of the Maritime Park  baseball field under construction.

After leaving the Plaza De Luna (I think) we passed at Pensacola’s attempt to be part of the Wall Street Occupiers (or the ‘Envy Movement‘ as I call them).  I had been told that what had started out as two people making camp at the Martin Luther King Jr. bust downtown had ballooned into something much larger. I was hoping for quite a spectacle of craziness. It was pointed out to me, that the stoner guy (that had appeared on the  local news spouting off about how 9/11 was carefully crafted by Wall Street to kill people to make money) was walking back and forth at  the intersection of Palafox and Garden. He was marching alone… back and forth… back and forth… with a sign that looked like it had a page from the dictionary on it. Note to stoner guy: In order for a sign to be read, one must focus on a simple slogan or blurb. You can’t write a manifesto for a sign to work properly.

Anyway, maybe it was siesta hour, because other than that guy, everyone else was lying around sleeping.

There were (I believe) 5  very unsightly tents, so apparently a few people are standing up for… whatever it is that they think they’re standing up for. There doesn’t seem to be a consolidation of ideas. I just hope the people here don’t have the same anti-semitic vitriole and otherwise insane views that I’ve seen on the national news of the Wall Street Occupiers.  They did have some fascist looking flags with ‘99%’ written on them (in Nazi colors, no less) like the one pictured above. Is that standard issue or just homemade? I don’t get it, but I don’t get the appeal of rutabagas, either. To each, his own.

Anyway, that was part of my day, today. It was bright, sunny and laidback. I had a slight headache, presumably from cold weather that’s on its way (my sinuses always seem to act up during a weather change). It was nice weather, though, and it’s not everyday where you get to see giant floating monkey bars. I hope everyone else out there had a pretty good day, too.


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