Week 7 ACC Small Victory

I closed the gap with the Evil One, who I think was just trying to get a rise out of FSU fans by picking Duke over FSU. I was so confident that FSU would win that I promised to eat my hat if FSU lost… And I love my hat.Duke’s now 0-17 against FSU and because of that game I drew one closer to FSU Hatin’ ACC blogger Heather Dinich.

The records now stand at 39-19 (Me) and 45-13 (The Evil One). Yes, she has a 6 pick lead, but I still have time to beat her for the third straight year.

My Top 5 remains unchanged from my initial poll.

#1 Oklahoma

#2 Alabama

#3 LSU

#4 Wisconsin

#5 Boise State

The Badgers will be the only one of my 5 that will be on Upset Alert next week. They get Sparty on the road, MSU looked pretty impressive today against their arch-rivals. They won’t be a ‘gimmee’.

Anyway, at least FSU won. they get Maryland next week and that’s not a ‘gimmee’, either, the way they’ve been playing. Go ‘Noles!


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