Scrawling with Copic Pens

Here’s the inked and colored art of Chiana from ‘Farscape’ I never got around to posting. On 9″ X 12″ Bristol board.

2 Responses to “Scrawling with Copic Pens”

  1. Crash! Landen Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad someone like it! I do caricatures, but for this I didn’t place any importance on whether it looked like the lovely Gigi Edgeley or not. It was really just to play around with copic pens of which I have little experience with. If I do another, I’ll draw her ‘less cartoony’. She was my favorite character on that show (and probably the sole reason I started watching… other than that it was done by the Henson company)…

  2. ChianaChat Says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Was googling for Chiana art and found this page. I miss Chiana! Such a unique character with such personality and attitude. Think the eyes are a bit too slanted / narrow? But you caught some of the character and that’s what counts. Cool styling. :)

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