Week 4 Meltdown

A drunken chimp would have fared better picking the ACC games this week than I did. I went 2-7. The out of conference games were… Well. Miami lost to K State. Virginia to Southern Miss. NC State got thoroughly trounced by Cincinnati. And Maryland… Wow. Maryland got walked on by Temple. TEMPLE.

How did the Evil One fare? 6-3…. Speechless.

So the totals…Me:25-14 The Anti-Me:30-9

The worst part is that the ‘Noles went down again. Clint Trickett played well, though. The ‘Noles just didn’t have enough to beat Clemson, especially committing as many penalties as they did to shoot themselves in the foot. The next 5 games are very winnable, though. They should be 7-2 going into the Miami game, EJ Manuel or no EJ. If they’re not, include me in with the grumblers…

My Top 5

#1 Oklahoma

#2 Alabama

#3 LSU

#4 Wisconsin

#5 Boise State

Hey! Same as last week. And the week before. Imagine that.


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