Week 4 Predictions

FSU I think will recover this week. I think Clemson had a better chance of winning this had FSU won the OU game. FSU’s defense is the real deal, it’s the offense that’s playing catch up. I have to wonder with the FSU running game so far not playing up to snuff, if the problem isn’t with Jimbo trying to be too fancy by playing all of their 38 running backs (yes, 38). I have to wonder why if a RB has a couple of decent runs that you would arbitrarily substitute him for another, Go with the hot hand, Jimbo! I also question why Jermaine Thomas has only 4 touches thus far (playing in only one game) when the guy averages 6 yards every time he touches the ball. He had the best game last year against the Sooners getting about 5 yards a carry on 11 touches. This year he didn’t even get a whiff of playing time. Just wondering…

Evil FSU Hatin’ ACC Blogger Heather D is feeling pretty good about herself now that FSU lost. She’s even comparing herself to Oklahoma… I am behind ATM, too (down 1). It would be embarrassing to lose to someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re talking about. Anyway, here are the picks… EFSUHACCBHD’s in Bold.

NC State over Cincinnati… (Update before posting this… “Got that one wrong, didn’t I?”)

Maryland over Temple but it’ll be close.

Georgia Tech over North Carolina… Too much Tech offense.

Miami over K State…

Virginia Tech over cupcake Marshall…

Tulane upsets Duke

Virginia over Southern Miss and it’ll be closer than it needs to be…

UMASS upsets BC… It’s a bigger game for UMASS than it is for BC and  the Eagles are in a tailspin. They can’t move the football is the biggest reason which is an extension of last year… And they’re running back’s hurt.

And the BIG ONE: FSU over Clemson. FSU didn’t score a lot of points last week, but Clemson’s D isn’t OU’s D. Go ‘Noles!


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