Week 3 Aftermath

At least it was better than last year… The ‘Noles made it look respectable, but  they were playing at home.  But they lost to OU again… The Sooners just have the Seminoles number, I guess. Hopefully they right the ship against Clemson. In picks.. “We suck ageen!”

Last week I went 7-3, but I picked with my heart with FSU… I didn’t think they’d have enough offense against OU and they didn’t. Played great on ‘D’, though. If they play like that the rest of the year, hey should be in every game.

The College football ant-Crash! went 9-1.. Sigh. Totals:Me (23-7) The Evil One:24-6

The horror.. The horror… Next week I do better. You know she’s going to go with Clemson at home.

My Top 5

#1 Oklahoma

#2 Alabama

#3 LSU

#4 Wisconsin

#5 Boise State

Yup. Same as last week…


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