ACC Picks Week 3

It’s maybe the biggest week in Florida State’s season… Okay not bigger than beating the Gators, but it’s still HUGE. It IS the biggest game of the week, not just in the ACC, but nationally. But I’ll get to that. First the other picks. Evil FSU Hatin’ ESPN ACC blogger Heather D’s picks in Bold. (and note by her picks how much respect she has for the conference she covers)

Maryland upsets West Virginia… The Coach and Qb and even the uniforms  impressed me in week 1.They’ve had an extra week to prepare for the Mountaineers and they’re playing at home.

BC gathers itself to win a game over lowly Duke. “It’s just Duke, Heather”. If they can’t beat Duke, they may not win a game this year.

Clemson represents and beats Auburn. They should have done that last year if they had been able to kick field goals and extra points. Auburn’s Qb will struggle on the road and Clemson will play far better than they did last week… when they were thinking about Auburn.

Georgia Tech‘s going to squash Kansas after an emberassment last year.

North Carolina squeaks by Virginia.

Virginia Tech has the week off, so I’ll go with them (I know they’re playing Arkansas State… That was this thing called ‘sarcasm’).

NC State over South Alabama.

Wake Forest over… Okay I know it’s Wake, but why are they scheduling Gardner-Webb? Sounds like a law firm.

Miami upsets Ohio State at home as long as Jacory Harris doesn’t have another 4 pick game.

And the homer goes with FSU over the  Sooners. Why? For no other reason than FSU is due against Oklahoma. OU has OWNED FSU over the years even more so than Miami used to. But FSU has a buzz going, they’re playing at home, they got spanked last year by OU in Norman, theyhave practically the entire offense back along with most of the defense. They’re in their second year under DC Stoops and have a slew of high quality recruits. They haven’t shown their REAL offense yet and are bound to have surprises for OU. Landry Jones does not play as well on the road and this will be one of the biggest road games he’s ever played in. OU has drastically thinned at linebacker with deaths, suspensions and injury.And… FSU is just DUE.

Go ‘Noles!


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