Crash! Landen’s Top 5 College Football Poll

First, the picks… I was awful this week, especially  for the non ACC games, but since I’m only tracking my ACC picks this year (on this blog) we won’t talk about those… I was also awful in the ACC, though. Rutgers let me down at UNC (by 2) and Boston College… Yeesh, against UCF. It WAS close until the last bit of the 4th until UCF just blew the Eagles doors off. The BC coach will be on the hot seat by year’s end. He can’t coach offense.

So anyway, I went a weak 6-3. ECU did their best to help me out, but failed only mustering 10 points. The Hokies did struggle on offense as I thought they would. I think that’s going to a problem for them, especially on the road. I even think they don’t get back to the conference title game. The Evil One went 8-1. Totals… Me 16-4… The Evil One 15-5

My Top 5

#1 Oklahoma

#2 Alabama

#3 LSU

#4 Wisconsin

#5 Boise State

I know… Where are the ‘Noles?! They’re hovering. They’ll prove whether or not they’re ready for primetime this week against the #1 team in the land. I think everyone knows OU’s going to be great this year. It’s TBD for the ‘Noles, even amidst all of the preseason hype. Wisconsin continues their cupcake schedule, but I do think they’ll win a lot of games when all is said and done. And I’ve accepted it. Boise, despite their own soft scheduling, they always do what they have to do against name  (yet, beatable) opponents in their openers. It’s early, though.



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