Week 2 ACC Picks

I’ve beaten ESPN’s ACC blogger two years running now and am quickly out in front once again. The ESPN ACC-Blogdevil (a.k.a. FSU Hatin’ Heather Dinich) went 7-4 last week to my 10-1. I missed the Duke/Richmond gam but if you look at what I wrote about that one last week, I think you’ll see I had a strong inclination of the upset. But it’s Duke.

Anyway… With my 3 pick lead… I’ve highlighted in boldface who the Evil One picked while making my own.

Boston College over Central Florida… Close, though.

Wake over NC State… This is probably the hardest game of the week to pick.

Clemson over Wofford.

Stanford will DESTROY Duke.

Georgia Tech over Middle Tennessee. Yes, Heather picked UCF AND Mid. Tenn… ?!

North Carolina vs. Rutgers is also a difficult game to call. Everyone’s picking UNC, but I’m going with Rutgers, the road team. Just a feelin’.

Virginia over Indiana, but I suspect the Hoosiers will play better against the Cavs than they did against David Letterman’s alma mater.

East Carolina shocks  Virginia Tech… Again (they did it in 2008). The safe bet would be to go with the Hokies, but I think despite scoring 60+ versus hapless App. State last week, Tech’s offense might struggle. I said Tech would run all over their opponent last week and they did. They just have better athletes that the team they played last week. That’s less true this week. ECU will load up in the box (I would) and force Tech to pass. They’re breaking in a new QB, and this will be far more difficult on the road for sophomore Logan Thomas. he didn’t even complete half his passes in their romp last week. Until Stephen Garcia entered the game last week, ECU was up 17-0 AT South Carolina. I think they have a sneaky good team and will be anxious to erase last week from their mind… And they’re playing at home.

And the ‘Noles will pound another team that Bobby Bowden would have never put on the shedule in the old days… They won’t get a shutout like HD is calling for, though. She only said that, so she has something to criticize when they don’t. They’ll be thinking about Oklahoma, so this could be a little sloppy for them. They’ll be running the vanilla offense, again (which I disagree with), so this probably won’t be as bad as it could be.


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