It’s All How You look At It…

Last night, the second great college football game of the 2011 season happened when unranked Baylor hosted the mighty Texas Christian Horned Frogs. TCU thumped Baylor last year by 5 TDs. Baylor features one of the better QBs in the country, while the fourteenth ranked Horned Toads were breaking in a newbie, Casey Pachall.

The fact that he was playing in his first game was probably mitigated by the fact that half of the stands looked like a TCU home game and last year Baylor’s defense was HORRENDOUS… and looks to be this year, also. I know.. It’s early. TCU lost some pretty good players to the NFL on defense.. well offense, too… so this looked to be like a more even field than last yeear and it was.

The game was a thriller that had both teams scoring early and often. There was a 24 point lead for one team going into the fourth before a major  (and speedy) rally began…

As good as the game was, though, the thing that gave me the most pleasure was watching the fans. The looks of disgust and defeat that followed each every TCU touchdown was priceless.

The agony of losing came in many forms. Exasperation.

Sullen pouting.

Stunned disbelief.

The acceptance of impending and inevitable defeat… And all of this… All of these photos  of Baylor fans were taken when Baylor WAS WINNING THE GAME… Granted Baylor is trying to learn how to win. They haven’t exactly been a national power in football, but they’re trying. I guess if they start winning, one of the biggest things Baylor’s fans will have to overcoe is the thought that no matter what their lead is, that they’re fairly sure that they’re still going to lose.

One of my favorite reactions was this fan. While everyone else was frowning as TCU prepared for the 2 pt conversion to tie the game late in the fourth (which they missed), she couldn’t get rid of that disbelieving faux smile.

But the absolute best fan at the game, was this poor shlep (who looks like a heavier version of the brother in the movie “Rudy… Appears to have the same glum outlook).

Scott Benjaminson

No matter if Baylor was scoring another long TD or blowing their 24 point lead, he always had this same expression on his mug. They showed him at 3 or 4 times during the game and was money each and every time the producer needed a reaction shot.

And if you were wondering… Baylor did win the game 50-48 after a late field goal and a defensive stand where they got an interception. So, buck up little camper. Baylor may have a pretty good season ahead (for Baylor), even if they have  no shot at winning the Big 12. Or Big 11… Or Big 10B… They seem to be losing teams by the day.

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