College Football 2011 Week 1

I was going to post art today, but this is is the first week of College Football… I’m not going to post most of my picks this year. I’m participating in ESPN’s College Pick’Em and since I think posting my picks before  the games started last year benefitted my opponents there, I’m going to refrain. I will post ACC picks just because I love out picking ESPN’s ACC blogger Heather Dinich. She not only knows nothing about the sport she’s covering, but most of the articles she writes range from theblatantly passive aggressive to the outright negative (especially when it comes to Florida State). Don’t believe me? Just read her blog for a couple of weeks… But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Anyway, here are my picks vs The Evil One; FSU hatin’ Heather.

Northwestern over BC in an upset.

Clemson over Troy, but it’ll be a lot closer than HD’s pick (45-10?!).

Maryland upsets Miami (I like Maryland’s new coach. I don’t think Miami will be hampered by the suspensions, though. Especially, at QB. I think it’s a steop UP with Morris instead of Harris.)

NC State over Liberty.

I already called Syracuse over Wake. I just didn’t know they would have to score two TDs in the fourth AND get a 2 point conversion JUST to send it to OT. Great game.

Duke should beat Richmond… They should.

Georgia already trounced Western Carolina as expected.

North Carolina over James Madison, If this one isn’t HUGE, NC has problems this year.

Virginia over William & Mary. Shouldn’t be as close as HD’s pick (17-10?!)

Virginia Tech over Appalachian State (Shouldn’t be close. Tech will just line up and pound the ball and App shouldn’t be able to stand up to it.)

And FSU will score at least 50 against Louisiana-Monroe (despite returning 19 starters).

Go ‘Noles!


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