Byrne’s Bullpen Bulletin

I was doing some reading… comic books OF COURSE… When I came across an ‘internal ad’ John Byrne did for Marvel I think I might have forgotten about. Okay, no I didn’t. This was one of those things that remained ever present in my mind. I always loved it when Mr. Byrne inserted himself in the comics he drew. But the best part was just having him draw all of the ‘core’ characters back then… Notice how clean the lineart is? Simple but really rounded and 3D looking the characters are? And not a pouch or a gritted set o’ teeth in sight (not even Shaman’s). No blood or chains or skulls (‘cept Ghost Rider’s noggin’).

The art’s from 1983, so I think Mr. Byrne had moved from the X-Men to the Fantastic Four (and 27 other monthlies). And he sounded so optimistic and cheerful in what he wrote. Ah, nostalgia….


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