Haunting Me

So I entered Todd McFarlane’s ‘Fan Art’ contest for his comic book ‘Haunt. This is, of course, the comic Todd started when Robert Kirkman asked him why he doesn’t do more comic book work (Kirkman of Walking Dead fame scripted the series until recently, when another creative team took over for an arc). I’m posting this 1 minute after the deadline ended (Midnight, Thursday, the 18th, 2011). I actually sent my own entry in a couple of weeks ago. I had been stalling until Todd ‘tweeted’ that there was only a couple of weeks  left to post something. That prompted me to get moving, I guess.

It took me another 2 or 3 days to decide what I wanted to draw, going back and forth on what I thought Todd was asking for. The  The contest rules stated ” We want you to show us YOUR vision of Haunt…”, but does that mean completely redesigning the character or just drawing Haunt the way that I would draw Haunt  and still having it look the way the character has been depicted (just in my drawing style)?

I settled for sticking to the latter except for some minor changes. I drew him ‘superhero-ish and maybe a little McFarlane-esque (IMHO… He was an influence, after all). I definitely didn’t want to draw him static, but wasn’t sure if I should complicate things by throwing in a victim or maybe one of the other major characters in the book. I ultimately just decided to draw him sort of like how Kelly Jones drew DC comic character deadman. A little thinner… I wanted to make him skeletal, but felt that would be changing the character too much. I also wrestled with what kind of background and ended up just  making some ‘tendrils of ectoplasm’ swirling… spiraling even… in the background. Yes… ‘Tendrils of ectoplasm’.

Once I figured out what I wanted to draw him like, it was easy. I drew and inked the art on the 4th and scanned it, colored it and sent it in on the 5th. I even did my own version of the logo (even though, my version already has had its detractors). The one hiccup after that was art size. The submission guidelines stated the art should be 8″ X 10″ (preferred) so I drew at 12″ X 15″ (keeping the same ratio, but bigger because bigger is not as tricky). After finishing, though (and re-reading the rules) found an error.

“Ideally, we’d like entries to be 1,200 x 1,800 pixels (8”x10”), at least 150 dpi. Minimum size specifications: 600 x 900 pixels (4”x6”), 150 dpi. Entries larger than 1,200 x 1,800 pixels will be disqualified.”

1200 X 1800 is a 2×3/4×6 ratio… 8 X10 is 4 X5…. Well, I went with the 8X10 so I figure it’ll give them the reason to DQ me. Devil’s in the details… And the errors in the details. That’s not to say I’ve been disqualified yet. Can you see (one of the reasons) why I’m no good at this sort of thing? I have too many questions.

The finalists will appear  Monday ( the 22nd) on the Han Facebook Fan page. Voting will run until the 28th (midnight). I hope I’m one of them.  There  will be 4 winners, one chosen by the fans and then Todd and the current Haunt creative team (Joe Casey & Nathan Fox) will each pick a favorite. The winners will be published in Haunt #19 and get a copy of the issue signed by the creative team. I hope I’m one of them.  Just getting picked would be fun, but getting published would be… um… funner.

If I don’t get picked as a finalist, I’ll post the entry here on Monday or Tuesday. But, wish me luck and maybe I’ll get selected.


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