The Damned Thing (Masters Of Horror) (2006) Short Review

Yet another disappointing entry in the ‘Masters of Horror series. This one was a little better than most of the others that I’ve seen, but in the end, it’s still a waste of time. The best of horror or even just adequate horror still has like other genres something to say about the human condition. This one doesn’t seem to say much about anything. If I grasp at straws, I could simply say history repeats itself and the sins of the father are coming back to haunt each new generation until everyone is dead. I could say that, but I would be giving this more credit than it deserves.

The first 10 minutes is probably the best that features the protagonist as boy with his Godfearing family. His father appears to be a very good man that loves his family  until… some oily stuff drips from the ceiling and suddenly dear old dad is ready to kill the entire family. Just as the boy is about to be finished off by his father after a long chase in the dark, something unseen kills the father in bloody, gorey fashion.

Flash to the present where the boy is now the town sheriff. Everything seems to be going fine until some of the locals suddenly start injuring them,selves and others and a cryptic story unfolds that reveals that some demonic force comes around every few decades to try and finish off the current generation of the sheriff’s family.

It never is explained too much and it never makes much sense. The acting is okay. Sean Patrick Flannery and Marisa Coughlin are both solid for a cable TV movie. There is a pretty good tone of foreboding in the film. The initial scene is by far the creepiest.  The film is lit and shot well. It looks like a big screen movie. But in the end, the entire episode is hollow and lacks any kind of tangible point.

Another disappointing thing is that Hooper’s best offering here is to rely on gore. This from the guy that created the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film that was, shockingly bloodless and other films like The Funhouse, Salem’s Lot and Poltergeist. He used to rely a lot on the viewer’s imagination.

There was a somewhat well known series of videos that offered up car crashes that always ended up with an annoucer proclaiming “And they walked away!” Apparently every single horror film I watch now ends with the same note “And they ALL died!” as if that’s a genre requirement now. It’s getting old.So… Yet another Masers Of Horror Fail. It’s getting to be expected. Would that I could watch just one of these and say “Hey, that wasn’t so bad”. That’s about as high as I can aim with this.

2 of 5

I do love the series theme, though.  So far that’s been the best part of every episode that I’ve watched.

Thanks for PrimalFactory777 for posting it on youtube.



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