Sometimes I Hate When I’m Right…

I said it was a Zack Snyder movie and it’s cetainly looking that way, he of the rubber costume fetish. Christopher Nolan (of the Batman rebooted franchise) may be producing and helping with the story, but Snyder is still at the helm and he definitely has been more concerned with how his movies look (and that there be at least equal amount of screentime in super slo-mo as normal speed) than the substance (story). I’ll withhold judgement until the movie, but I’m not impressed by the first photos released.

It looks like this Supes shops where all of the movie superheroes are shopping these days. They all have costumes with that textured fabric now that somebody sewed together for them, yet still are mindful of the secret identities.  The new Spider-Man has the same sort of get up… And there is just something tragically wrong with Superman having that 1970s John Travolta slicked back hair-do. It almost looks like a pompadour. Anyway…

I liked what comic artist Erik Larsen tweeted on the subject: “And am I the only one who thinks it’d be cool if a movie Spider-Man’s costume actually looked homemade? It could look a bit creepy even.” Maybe not the creepy part, but I liked the first part…

At least in the pic of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent, they had him with the forehead curl…

Okay, that was blog ‘filler’… I needed to stay on track with the daily posting thing….


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