Skyline (2010) Short Review

A stupid movie about nothing made with the sole intent of separating people from their cash on an opening weekend with an FX laden trailer. The filmmakers made no effort to tell any kind of real story. The characters are all bland and apparently without the ability to reason about anything beyond their 20 something banal problems. Their dialogue is limited to either stating what’s going on like a play by play, questioning what’s happening at that moment, saying something incredibly stupid (like “I’m calling the police” after witnessing lights sucking thousands of people into the sky), or just screaming. There are no philisophical questions raised. They painstakingly avoid saying the word ‘alien’, even though it’s an obvious otherworldly invasion into our own. They make irrational statements like “We have to get to the water” without any kind of evidence that that would help matters. Many of the characters are introduced CLEARLY because the film needs a victim at their point of entry. Why Jared (the semi-protagonist) has some kind of alien resistance is never explained. And it just ends.

The FX are really good in some ways, but lazy and unimpressive in others. It generally looked like a big screen film (even with the reportedly tiny budget of $5 million. Relative, I know), but there are many instances where it just looks like they inserted CGI animation into shots without any kind of ‘real world’ set decoration. What I mean is that the aliens appear, but rarely do any damage or interact with tactile objects. They float around (because that’s easier than showing them walk around) and make bright CGI lights and lens flares.

Many of the scenes seemed borrowed from other sci-fi films like Speilberg’s War Of the Worlds or the Matrix or maybe the other crap movie the filmmakers were working on at the time, Battle: Los Angeles. For FX guys at the helm, the movie surprisingly was devoid of any kind of real imagination. It even looks like they started getting extra lazy (or running out of money) by film’s end. Just a terrible waste of time.  I had to make room for it on my Worst 10 Films of 2010 List.

1.5 of 5


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