Missing The San Diego Comic Convention 2011

Has it been a year already? It feels like 10 years ago that I was in San Diego, but it also feels like I was there 10 minutes ago. Time is relative, I guess.

The convention was every bit as freaky as I imagined it would be, but in a generally friendly way. It’s not like going to a Slipknot concert. There’s a bit of childhood there. No one’s dangerous at Comic Con… Except for that guy that stabbed his friend with a pen over a seat at one of the movie panels. Okay, and Stan Lee. It was funny seeing all of the costumed folks checkin’ their fake weaponry at the door.

There are quite a few groups there all with their own agendas.  Some are comics fans. Some are movie fans. Fans of novelists. People there to advertise. Some are trying to get jobs. There are films to be seen

Celebrity panels to be attended.

There are  the kinds of fun panels like the ‘pictionary’ style set that featured two of my favorites Scott Shaw! (where I got my ‘!’ from, way back when I was reading his Captain Carrot comics) and mighty Sergio Aragones.

There are also people looking to buy memorabilia. Seminars.

People attending just dress up as their favorite character from a comic, cartoon, movie or otherwise.

I loved these two last year; the Kia Monkey and matching friend.

And some just dress up to dress up. I think some of them are barely aware that there’s a convention going on (especially those kids into the anime and manga. People there to take pictures of those people and all of the other sights.

Fans trying to get autographs or sketches by their favorite writers and artists. Some people are just there to be seen. The people behind the tables are there to take your dollars, of course, and the money flows like an open hydrant. My wallet certainly did (not nearly as much as some, though).

I didn't take this one, but my arm's in the picture.

The 2011 edition of the biggest (comics) convention gets underway tonight. Sadly, I won’t be there. I experienced it last year for the first (and so far only) time. I had a lot of fun, but I realized that it might be more fun if I actually had something of my own for people to pick up to go home with… Comics that is. I’m going to make it back next year, but with my own comic book this time. I think a year should be sufficient time.  I am slow (with all of my distractions), but I’ll be there…. Next year. Next year it will happen.

I am hoping to have something in there this year. If anyone that’s reading this is attending this year, please drop me a line and let me know if my Watchmen art made it into the Souvenir Book. I hope everyone who’s there this year has as much fun as I had last year (except for that second day…).


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