Crash! Makes Another Logo

I’ve done a few logos recently for comic books and comic book companies.  This one in particular was for a company called Back Row Comics. They needed something quick, because they said they were gearing up for the 2011 San Diego Comic Convention and were trying to have something for that. Any further than that, I do not know. They were supposed to get back with me about that, but haven’t at the time of posting this.

However, they did give me permission to post the logo, so here it is in a semi-step by step process. They had ideas in mind already… Here’s one of their ideas scribbled down that they initially sent me.

I had a few ideas along with what they sent, but decided to try to make the one above work.  I always try to gauge whether I’m going in the direction that the people I am doing a design for is happy with. I sent them this the next day to look at.

I stuck to what they asked for. My only real addition was the comic book panels on the movie screen. They liked that idea, but didn’t care for the type. They wanted something more comic book-ish and less dated looking (gut shot!).

I tried quite a few fonts. Did some of my own… I also worked on the ‘panels’ for the movie screen.

And, yes, these are some of my onscreen doodles that I worked from. I was just trying to keep it generic, not knowing what kind of comics they’ll be producing.

Here’s the basic shapes I came up with in Illustrator. I threw a little alien guy in there… a space ship… rockets… a space opera heroine… nothing that required too much time. Just something that would look comic bookish.

Here’s what I sent back. I tried adding some color too, to help get the letters to pop a bit more. They hated the little spacemen on the sides of the logo. I don’t blame them. However, they did like the panels. I still wasn’t coming close to the kind of typeface that they were hoping for, though. They said they wanted something kind of 3D (like the X-Men)… Something more ‘modern’… so I did 2 quick roughs in Photoslop.

SWING and a miss! I whiffed again. At this point, they had their artist set something up, so as to show me the idea of what types of fonts they’d like to see. I was fine with that. Not like it was a kick to my groin or anything. No, really. It wasn’t.

Here’s what their artist sent back. Not was I picturing I guess… Luckily, the guy I was working with didn’t like the word balloon thing. It kind of defeated the purpose of me working on the movie screen.. And the other example covered it up with the type, too…. But at least, I knew what they wanted now.

I just created a vector facsimile of what they sent. Wanting to be thorough, I sent several variations back.

And he picked not one, but two that he liked.

And there it is… Compare it to the top image that was sent to me and let me know what you think.

Sometimes logos are so easy that I can literally get them done in as little as two minutes. And sometimes they take hours. This one fell in the middle somewhere. I think it turned out decent for a comic book logo, though. AND, if they ever need to blow their logo up to mammoth proportions, they’ll have a pretty good looking one in vector art. I wish Brady Sullivan (it took me the whole page of typing to remember it… sorry Brady. I’m a part-time dumb guy) and his company all the best with it. I may sound like I get aggravated when I recall this stuff, but not really. It usually takes a good bit of intentional negativity to get me riled. If Back Row is at the San Diego Comic Convention this year, say hello to them for me (I won’t be there this year).


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