Creature (1984) Short Review

Writer/director (and FX guy) William Malone appears to have carved a very good career out of virtually no talent. I say that with all respect. He IS the guy that made the Michael Myers mask out of a mold of William Shatner for the original Halloween.

He made ‘Creature’, which is a blatant ripoff, mostly of Ridley Scott’s Alien (but maybe also a little Blade Runner, a little Empire Strikes Back, a little John Carpenter’s The Thing…), with a million dollar grant.

The story works if he was going for a lower budget, poorly written, poorly shot, Alien rip-off with somewhat funny gore FX. The dialogue appears to be written by a high school kid who likes science fiction films, but doesn’t fully understand them. Malone does his best to emulate the lighting in Ridley Scott’s movies, but only succeeds in shooting murky, grainy images with a bland grey color.

The creature of the title mildly resembles Alien’s exotic ‘xenomorph’, and much like that film, Malone tries to hide the creature as much as possible. He also throws in mind controlled zombies…

Just because.

He seems so in love with Scott’s superior science fiction classic Alien, though, that he even cast a woman in this that somewhat resembles Sigourney Weaver… if she were appearing on Sprockets (Saturday Night Live). He was able to cast recognizable faces in this like Wendy Schaal (Innerspce, The Burbs), too. I’m a little shocked to see that Klaus Kinski was in this, though.

Even more shocked, am I, at the fact this was up for awards in sci-fi and horror circles. This is a B-Movie in the worst way, but it is a noble effort/labor of love. For that, I say good for Malone. But it’s still not very good. You’d have to be either a VERY young horror/sci-fi fan or a hardcore fan of shlock movies to take it as seriously as it wants you to take it.

1.5 of 5


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