Watching Trailers And My Latest Prediction

During the wait for Transformers 3, one of the trailers was for the Captain America movie… The odd thing was that the song playing during the ad was my favorite Tool song 46 & 2. And nothing says Captain America more than Tool… Huh? Wuzzat?

I have a feeling  Captain America is going to suck. It looks like it’s going to be just as dumbed down as Thor and…. every other Marvel movie. No that’s not my prediction. I’m going to see it when it comes out and I hope to see a good movie. With Chris Evans grabbing garbage can lids and the girl in the trailer casually picking up a gun and firing it at Evans to prove the shield works, it doesn’t look like the writer and director  are giving much weight to the material.

My prediction has nothing to do with the film’s quality.  It has more to do with what Roger Ebert will write and react to in his review. Captain America has always had an unintentionally poor message behind it, with that super soldier serum thing. It seems more in line with what the NAZIs were all about creating the ‘master race’. (PREDICTION) I’m SURE Ebert will spend at least a paragraph on this aspect of Captain America. There’s a good chance I will, too.

Other trailers that ran before Transformers 3: The highly anticipated but silly looking Cowboys And Aliens… The last (Thank God) Harry Potter film… And the latest Mission Impossible movie that looked like Tom Cruise was going for self-parody.

So far this has been a mediocre summer movie season and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.



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