Weirdsville (2007) Short Review

While not a GREAT film, Weirdsville (originally called Weedsville until they got sued over the name) is entertaining in a laidback sort of way. Bentley and Speedman play two Beavis and Butthead like druggies who are looking for a way to pay back the local drug dealer before he cuts off their thumbs… or worse.

Taryn Manning plays Matilda, a streetwalker that tries to help the pair with her own failproof plan. Wait. She’s not a hooker, she goes on ‘business dates’. Anyway, trouble mounts when Mattie overdoses on drugs and the pair decides to bury her at an old theater that they used to work at. This continues as a ‘best laid plans’ story as well as a half hearted look at drug addiction.

My favorite character in the film has to be Martin, the mall security guard played by  Jordan Prentice. He has a deadpan delivery that works very well here. The fact that he was one of the actors that brought Howard the Duck to life doesn’t hurt, either… Yes, I liked Howard The Duck, believe it or not.

The story features would be satanists, violently veangeful little people and an underused Matt Frewer who is involved in a bizarre accident that all play a part in the finale.  There are a couple of scenes that stand out, involving Speedman skating barefoot on ice. It’s helps tell the story with an interesting and somewhat melancholy visual.. Weirdsville has a definite indie feel to it. It’s shot pretty well. The characters, even the bad guys in this, are trying their best to be likeable. Director Andy Moyle has a habit of making films (like Empire Records and New Waterford Girl) where every character is likable, but no one has anything interesting to do. There’s just enough to entertain here. There’s never anything remotely heavy in the film and that may be the movie’s biggest weakness. It’s not quite serious enough.

There is a horrible onscreen murder that feels out of place with the tone of the rest of the movie to some degree. It has a few good laughs mostly stemming from the dialogue or Wes Bentley’s way of high pitched screaming. Every now and again it tries to be poignant with the rat motif (comparing the main characters to a rat treading water.. in a toilet), but isn’t an emotional film. For some reason I enjoyed it, mostly for when the film gets medeival. It’s not a bad film if you’re not expecting much. It’s not a movie that’s going to win any awards, but I liked it enough to put it on my Top 25 Best Movies of 2007 List.

3.5 of 5


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