The Killing Season Finale… My Prediction (Updated)

I made the mistake of watching the pilot for AMC’s The Killing  whenever The Walking Dead  ended and have been hooked ever since. At first it seemed like it was going to be a serious police procedural; a series that allows the case to unfold with a semi-realistic police investigation of a murder. It has since become a bit predictable in its presentation of ridiculous coincidences that makes everyone and anyone that has appeared on the show look like a suspect at some point.

The question of this show is “Who killed Rosie LArsen?” From the pilot, I predicted it was lead investigator Sarah Linden (played wonderfully cheerless and melodramatic by Mireille Enos). I figured that she was the least likely suspect. Or possibly, the mother since she was the only one absent from the suspect list on AMC’s website. Yes, I am a mental clod.

The show is professionally put together, and it’s amazing for the fact that they have managed to make one person after another look like they were in on the killing. There have been any number of over the top the top storylines that have been given the serious once over. People-smuggling Muslims, voyeuristic pedophiles, mafiosos, creepy underage sexual predators, teen addicts, dotcom billionaires, online ‘escort’ services, celibate ex-drug users, FBI interference, more drug problems, sneaky politicians and their weasel-like underlings, drunk drivers,  politician suspects, councilwomen with moles (that’s a pun),  familial betrayals, inner city basketball program organizers, mistaken identity, 12 step programs, street  justice beatings and morally challenged family members are just some of the plotlines that the show has dabbled in. And NOONE can just come out and say what they knew.

Some of the stuff is cliched. You can see where some of the stories are going. Some characters change stances on any number of things because of convenience to the plot. But I continue to watch, despite the knowledge that although they seem to know where they’re going (unlike that loser show “Lost”), it is obvious that they are stringing the audience along as much as they can. There has even been one show involving the  son of Detective Linden, that seemed like it existed just to make sure that they had the proper number of episodes for the season. And that’s another thing, I thought this was a show that would have some finality, for some reason. But apparently this murder investigation over just a few days could be stretched out for YEARS if the show remains popular.

I do like the actors. They’re all doing a good job. My favorite is by far Joel Kinnaman who plays Linden’s new partner/replacement Stephen Holder. He provides at least one good belly laugh with his behavior on every episode. He and Ennos make a great dramatic comedy duo, with his ridiculous deliveries and her somewhat stoic reactions. Surprisingly enough, the family of the victim have been the least interesting aspect of the show.

With the finale coming, I wanted to make the prediction of who will be arrested at the end of the first season. They seem to have forgotten some of the earlier suspects  and storylines entirely, so I don’t think they’re going to drop a out of the blue shocker. They have recently revealed that Rosie’s aunt and Rosie herself were part of the saucier Craig’s List style online escort service and that the liberal Mayor wannabe Councilman Richmond (played by the whispering Billy Campbell) was probably meeting with the victim. BUT, how the show works is that every episode’s finale ends up being a red herring, non-happening or false lead. It’s looking like he’d get violent, too, but I think that will pan out to be someone else (the getting violent part).

There’s NO WAY that Richmond will be the one arrested. They’ll have a whole show to do investigations, so he cannot be the killer since they will probably find something top lead to someone else (I’m getting there). And he would just be too damned obvious.

The person arrested will be Richmond’s campaign adviser Gwen Eaton played by Kristin Lehman. I have long thought that she was possibly  the killer for these reasons:

1) Again. Richmond’s too obvious.

2) She made a claim that she and Richmond were together the night of the murder, but  they weren’t together the following morning with Eaton returning Richmond’s watch that she stated that  he had left it on her kitchen counter.

3) She made the email. The blame going to the campaign mole was convenient. She would have inside access, along with access to Richmond’s email.

3) She was jealous. When later shown pics of the ‘affair’, she keeps them to herself for a longer  period of time, saying nothing.

5) She’s made plenty of statements about protecting Richmond’s campaign and has gone behind his back in doing so.

I think they’ll have two possible explanations. The jealousy thing. Or Richmond did it and Eaton helped cover it up a la “No Way Out”.

I don’t think I know whether I’d like to be right or completely surprised with a curve ball (maybe the billionaire’s butler did it). Either way, I’ll watch the season finale tomorrow.


Sheer craziness….
Okay… I figured they would get into the land of the ridiculous with the ending trying to REALLY have a finish with a bang…. literally. Didn’t see Belko coming… I guess Richmond didn’t either.
I think it’s getting to the point where I may watch the start of the next season, but if it looks to continue meandering, they’re going to lose me. I’m still with them, but this will be the second wrongly accused suspect (because we know Richmond is wrongly accused). I still say it’s Eaton, but with the way the show is going, they’ll bring Jasper’s father back into the mix. The billionaire is a red herring. I still find it odd that AMC has the father on the suspect’s list and not the father. Yet they have Holder as a suspect. If it IS Eaton, which I somehow think it won’t be since that’s the current lead suspect over there. I just hope they DON’T go back in the direction of past suspects or even some new unseen suspect because then they’ll be officially screwing with their audience. Just like “Lost” did.

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