Swingers (1996) Short Review

I forgot how great this movie was. Obviously this was a breakout role for Favreau and Vaughn (who last both appeared in the sports flick ‘Rudy’ together). Livingston and Graham are also good in this.

There are many truthful scenes as Favreau’s character recovers from the breakup of a six year relationship with his girlfriend. He is a bit of a sad sack having been out of the game for such a long period of time and endures bad advice, rejection, awkward moments and depression along the way of getting back on the horse… so to speak.

Vaughn is his overconfident friend that gives lot a of bad advice while being able to pick up women far easier. This was a star maker for Vaughn, but Favreau deserves a lot of the credit. He did write the part.

I’ve never been a big Heather Graham fan, but she’s really good in this as a girl that Favreau meets after all of the rough nights. Maybe I just didn’t see her in the right roles because I have liked her in movies like this (and Boogie Nights). She plays a somewhat sweet girl instead of the normal roles I’ve seen her play… stripper… porn star… hooker….

There are some predictable moments in the film, but there are also a few surprises. And some of the predictable scenes are still highly entertaining. The answering machine scene where he calls a girl he had met at a bar is hilarious in a watching someone crmble sort of way.

This made my Top 10 Movies of 1996 as well as my Top 100 Films of the 1990s. A great flick.

4.5 of 5


2 Responses to “Swingers (1996) Short Review”

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