Crash! Landen’s Worst 10 Films of 1979

There are a few other films that are probably more deserving of being on my list, but I have not seen them in so long that I would not be able remember the details let alone to make a proper assessment of the film. I’m past my prime movie viewing time frame. I have seen a ton of old films, but it’s still hard to find 10 worthy of being on a ‘Worst List’. Remember these are the Worst that I’ve seen. There are probably much worse films that I would never watch. But here’s the list. #10 The Warriors (The Warriors is both terrible and terribly watchable. If it’s on TV it’s almost a given I’ll stop on that particular channel that it’s playing on…) #9 Stalker (As brilliant as I think Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris is… and it IS brilliant… This one is slow to a story and idea killing degree. I found it uniquely boring and even if you make it though to the end, you may find it puzzling in what exactly it’s trying to say… that is if you haven’t been brow beaten into complete apathy by then. Tedious to be sure.) #8 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (What you would expect from a cheesy late 70s sci fi TV movie based on a pulp hero? It tried hard though and I enjoyed it as a kid. Meeting Erin Grey recently was a thrill.) #7 The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (Another not so great kids’ flick. I enjoyed it then and still get a chuckle out of it, but high art, it ain’t.) #6 Meteor (Overly serious with the kind of cheesy FX you’d expect.) #5 The Main Event (Barbara Streisand.) #4 The Amityville Horror (Horribly paced and just boring for a horror film. It has a few moments, but is even cheaper in its FX than you would think.) #3 Love at First Bite (The best joke of the film is that the vampire is played by Hamilton who’s known for his tan…) #2 Prophecy (A movie I dearly love. Sparked my imagination as a kid, but it is a complete shlockfest. The FX are wretched. The acting is all over the place. Some of the monster kills are hilarious. Not good for a horror flick…) #1 And Justice For All (Some of these other films have the excuse of being B-movies or having extremely low budgets. AJFA has no such excuse. This is one of the most ridiculous films that I’ve ever seen. It tries to be cutting edge and relevant and fails in the most over the top way that a courtroom drama can fail. One of Pacino’s worst films.)


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