400K and Counting…

Here’s another Crash! Landen Blog Post to acknowledge the passing of a minor blog milestone of a sort.

Four hundred thousand blog hits (in less than two years)! Hard to believe it took nearly 3 months to get to the first thousand.

Does it really have any more significance than 399,999?

YES! Yes it does. It’s a number with a lot of zeroes and those are always fun to look at. I’m trying to get to the next 100,000 by Halloween. I have managed to keep the daily streak going, too, if anyone’s been paying attention. It stands at 99 for the year and 104 in a row. I guess 100 in a row for the year is big, as well, but I won’t make a big to do of that one as I have the other recent milestones. I will attempt to keep it going, however.


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